Today’s Gift. Yes there are even car angels!

May 29 2015

Who likes to shop for a car? Not me! New car, used car I don’t care, it is time consuming and always inconvenient.

Dana’s (my daughter) car died last week. It has been a busy time for me with closing down my dance studio, plowing through the piles of stuff and getting it all put away as well as the daily duties around the house. Looking for a car takes time and energy and between her schedule and mine we have not been able to coordinate the shopping like we planned. I always go car shopping with my family with my pendulum and my angels and it has always worked out.

We have worked out sharing a car for the time being but of course that is inconvenient and frustrating for both of us. We had a few cars listed to look at and I have been asking the angels to just handle it please.

My husband who is on board with the angels but doesn’t really talk about it much like I do (incessantly my kids say!) was driving home from an errand and he heard a voice “Look to your left”. He looked to his left and there he saw it, a white Ford Focus. He was able to turn into the body shop where it was at and stop the car to look. Steve the manager greets him and asks him to come in and talk about the car. Now you have to keep in mind my husband is not a chatterbox like me so he rolled his eyes and went into the office. Steve told him the cars history and had him look it over.

He took a picture and sent it to us with all the info and was so excited that the angels spoke to him!

Dana and I made it out there took it for a drive and of course used my pendulum. We went in to negotiate price and Steve budged on his number a bit but not what I had planned. I said “I have to go outside and talk to my angels” I went out and used my pendulum once again and the angels gave me the go ahead and we agreed on the price. What I did not know was that his workers were watching me use my pendulum! (and Steve did ask me about it the next day saying that he thought I was calling someone for advice instead of using my pendulum)

The next day we went through the process and title transfer and all and the title bureau was so crowded there were no seats. I took a number “52” and they were calling out numbers in the twenties. Dana was not happy with the wait and of course I said “ask the angels”. She asked what number I had and I said 52, she grabs the ticket and it said 32! And yes I saw a 52 not a mistake! Thank you angels for bumping us up in line and for speaking to my husband. We did not have to go through the task of looking at many cars or waiting long!

The gift today? Efficiency, time with my kid and angels all around! So as always folks “Just ask!”

may 30 2015 034


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