My gift this week.

July 3, 2015

Some gifts are harder to accept than others. This has been my week for back pain. Nobody likes to feel bad or in pain and this is my “things are a changing back issue”.

Let me explain. The last time I had these severe back spasms the house had burnt down. No, the house fire did not cause this but as I was in the chiropractor’s office I always ask why this did happen to me as I am groaning on the table!

Doc Bryan explained to me the bio mechanical ways our bodies react to stress. (of course I knew this and have always believed in the mind/body connection). The light bulb went off over my head. This has been a huge time of change for me. Closing my dance studio, moving all the stuff and now sorting through the stuff at my house. I am sure the heavy lifting did not help!

Once I accepted this, things got better. And the visit to Doc Bryan also led to a job offer.

Todays’ gift:

Affirming that I need to do more self-care and rest.

More compassion for those who are in pain constantly.

Realizing that the world will not stop turning if I take a break.

Learning to accept help from others.

An amazing job offer!

Have an angel filled day folks!



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