An unexpected gift!

July 23, 2015


As a lot of you know I love to ride my bike! There will be another blog as to how I came to do this but in the meantime I have to tell you about today’s gift!


I woke early enough to get my stuff done and ride my bike in the metro parks early enough to come back and get my shower and head out. I am so proud of this! I am sure many of you can relate to the “working out” thing. You set your intention then you dawdle until it becomes to late to get that workout in. I have been there many a time including this morning! I did my morning routine which includes meditation and was pondering if I “really” had enough time to go to the park and ride. The angel cards I pulled were YOU CAN DO THIS, EXERCISE, FRESH AIR. I though ok , direct from the angels let’s do this! I hustled to get out the door and once I hopped on the bike and rode I was in bliss! One of my “rules of the road” is ALWAYS SHOUT WOO HOO! while going under a bridge. I even do it while in a car but on a bike it is divine to hear the echo and taking that deep breath to do it is so cleansing!

I approached the bridge, yelled out my WOO HOO and I got a woo hoo back from a worker who I did not see under the bridge! What fun!

Continuing on, I circled back then as I approached the bridge I saw two workers. I yelled out “ok guys let me hear it! WOO HOO!” they both yelled it out and I did say “you made my day” they replied “you as well”!

Today’s gift? Finding joy in the ride, the fresh air and some fun humans!

Now head on out folks and create a marvelous day. Hope it is filled with fun and angels and don’t forget your “woo hoos”!!!



april 19 2015 003


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