ALWAYS LOOK FOR YOUR GIFTS! (in other words what gifts do you have to offer?)

July 30, 2015


(in other words what gifts do you have to offer?)

I always have an event every July called Christmas in July! (sound familiar?) I first started doing this a few years back when the economy was not so great and I had a lot of folks tell me that they could not afford an angel reading. My angels guided me to be creative and think of a way to offer angel readings for no money.

Christmas in July was born! Basically I offered readings for “barter” and really encouraged folks to think outside of the box because everyone has a gift to offer! Over the years I have received: apples from their tree, a picture frame, movie passes, handmade gifts, flowers and vegetables from the garden. This year was amazing with the creativity and the lovely cards and notes.

the amazing "gifts" I received this year!
the amazing “gifts” I received this year!

This year’s challenge was I did not have a “physical space” since I closed my studio. I chose the local park by the library and it was great. We had a few snafoos with the police arriving due to a local man yelling and scaring folks while he passed through. (We found out he is a mentally challenged veteran who does yell as he passes through and is harmless.)

Rain suddenly pouring down and it was hotter than blazes! All in all a fun day!

The gifts of that day?

  1. Lovely creative gifts from some really awesome folks.
  2. An appreciation for our veterans and a new awareness for the struggles this one particular gentleman has.
  3. An opportunity to give an angel reading to a local officer and thank him for his service.
  4. Understanding angel folks who were patient with my schedule being way off!
  5. Peace with continuing the tradition of Christmas in July even with great changes this year!

I am always reminded by my angels to roll with whatever comes my way and I am so grateful for that! Please remember that we all have something to offer even if it is just a prayer for someone! Here is to an excellent angel filled day for you all and don’t forget “always look for the gift”.


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