The gift of music! (a total surprise for me!)

August 25, 2015

It always seems I do my best thinking on my bike and today was no different. I thought I would switch it up and play my “race list” on this ride. (Don’t worry I only put one ear bud in)

I have not run or raced in almost 2 years now and I do really miss it. A knee injury moved me into cycling which I am every so grateful for. The last two years have been me attending races with my family and being the photographer which is sometimes a little sad for me.

Listening to my “race list” really brought back memories of my running and racing days and at first I was really sad listening to these songs but then I really started to “listen”. These are really good songs! Really motivational!

My mood started to lift and I was reminded to look for the gift. I am still healthy and now cycling. I was able to volunteer at a race this past weekend as the cyclist who “sweeps” the trail during the race. I have made some really good friends through cycling.

So today’s gift was subtle but powerful and I am in gratitude right now!

So I thought I would share my race list. My motivation during races and also for life and cycling! Have an angel filled day folks!

I Gotta Feeling (Synth Remix)             

Run the World   Beyoncé                               

I’ve Got The Power   Karen Drucker 

How Could Anyone Ever Tell You       Karen Drucker 

Don’t Stop Believin’ (Glee Cast Version)              

Defying Gravity (Glee Cast Version)            

Celebration        Jump5      

Step One             Kinky Boots Original Broadway Cast Recording

Defying Gravity (Eurodance Mix) (Wicked)                  

Footloose (Dance Remix) (Footloose)         

Soldier Of Love           Donny Osmond (what can I say? What is a race without Donny?)

You F**kn Did It (Live)     Jason Mraz       

Carmina Burana Fortuna                                                  9

Carry On (iTunes Session)            Fun

Rockstar             A Great Big World    

Not Afraid                    Eminem    (explicit lyrics but gosh this song jams!)



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