Angels at Taco Bell??

As I have often told you, angels are everywhere and so are gifts. Sometimes we get caught up in “life” as I have been lately. Mostly I have been just plugging along with the usual duties I have along with some extra that life has handed me. I am not into complaining and really try and give myself a pep talk now and again that all is well and to look for the gift.

So I kept asking, “ok angels where is this Gift?” and “I could really use a break here”.   SILENCE!

So basically on with my day and every Monday before yoga I have gotten into the habit of stopping by Taco Bell in North Royalton for coffee. I know what you are thinking. Yuck! Let me tell you it is really good coffee! (yes I am a coffe-aholic , hey it’s my only vice!)

Every Monday over time I am cheerfully greeted by Justin who either has a camera or looks out the window because he always gives me this personal “hello” knowing it is me again. We always joke about the “only” cream that is available (which is also really good) and gives me a “stir knife” because taco bell has not given him stir sticks yet.

Last Monday I found myself smiling and feeling uplifted as I drove across the street to teach and it occurred to me that is how I feel every time I pull out after getting my coffee.

My gift over these last few weeks has been Justin consistently and with great joy serving up my coffee! (did I mention how good it is?) Really the coffee might not even be good but this young man has chosen to put Joy into my experience (and my coffee) every time.

I even drove through a second time the other day asking to take his picture and telling him that I need to blog about this experience! He was ok with it


So the gift? Finding a gift where I least expected it along with an earth angel who probably is touching others’ lives as well. The other gift? You might be one of these folks who is making a difference and not even know it! Something to ponder.

If you are ever in North Royalton OH in the morning, drive through and treat yourself to a coffee as well as a visit with Justin the earth angel!

You will be glad you did. Have an angel filled day my friends!



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