If you are living on a remote island with no media I will let you know our news! We here in Cleveland Ohio are so proud that our Cleveland Cavaliers are the 2016 NBA Championship winners!

Now I will say that I am not a sports fan. I am proud to even have the knowledge that the Cavaliers are a basketball team. I have been educated by my awesome boss on the team and have been caught up in my boss’s excitement as well as the whole city.

So how does this relate to the angels? (Everything does!) I pull angel cards every morning and pulled one from a deck that is not an “angel deck” but a deck by Pam Grout The Oracle of E: An Oracle Card Deck to Manifest Your Dreams Cards. Here is the card I kept pulling.

2016-05-25 06.16.03

Now for you folks not from Cleveland this has been our theme since the season began. So last night the championship became ours in an exciting game after a 52 year draught.


Everyone was crying and cheering. My whole neighborhood came out and cheered, rang bells and ignited fireworks.

Even a not so knowledgeable sports fan like me got excited!

Did the angels have anything to do with it? My feeling is yes! I really feel like they have a sense of humor too saying to me “have faith we are All In”.


This is all about energy and intentions. I think the team knew it was possible and the faith and energy of the fans helped them along their way. We are now calling Cleveland “Believe-land”.

So there you have it. I do think there are basketball angels.

We will be riding this energy for some time now here in Cleveland so I say to you that your angels are always “all in”.


Have an angel filled day my friends!




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