August 13, 2016


If you could plan a last day here on earth, what would you plan? Would you eat cheesecake? Take a walk? Hop a plane? I do believe we know and plan our last day if not consciously then unconsciously.


Today we said goodbye to my mother. Everyone loses a parent at a time in their life and this is my first. We have had a sad week filled with a whirlwind of planning her send off.

As you know I “always look for the gift” and this experience was no different and I didn’t even have to look. The gifts just kept coming.

My mom had been in the hospital last week and had just gotten out. She was recovering and still not feeling well but finally on Tuesday she felt well enough to go out. My mom and Dad went to their favorite place for lunch, then went for frozen margueritas (she liked to have one once a year and this was her day!). She collapsed right after in the parking lot.

We were able to be there when she transitioned. The whole family (all the grandkids in town too) was there holding hands around her and I was so honored to be a part of this. In a very short time, her breath slowed and she was gone. I was able to see her leave her body and who was there to greet her. What a gift.

The gift in this time of loss?

The grief was still there and still is but she kept showing me signs.

After we said goodbye I look down at the odometer on my car (angel numbers)

2016-08-10 11.14.38

Coming out of a store I look down and there it was, a feather in the parking lot.

2016-08-12 09.51.57

We went to the county fair and as we entered my husband points to a sign on a building at the entrance.(her name is Joyce!)

2016-08-12 12.09.45

She visited me in dreams being her usual jovial self.

I could feel her presence over and over.

Knowing her last day was one she would have planned out herself.

Knowing she is at peace and in perfect health and is pure positive energy also brings me comfort.

Knowing she was greeted in the light by both sets of grandparents and all her past pets was so very awesome.

Seeing her grave lot is right next to a huge angel sculpture! How cool is that?

This is not the end so I say to my sweet mother “I will not say goodbye but will say I will see you on the other side. Until then I love you with all my heart Moo Moo”




3 thoughts on “BEST LAST DAY EVER

  1. Kim,
    How wonderful the angels and your mom have left all of these messages for you. I can feel your pride in her. Also, it is wonderful that you and your husband are aware enough to receive the messages. Often people become tied up in the grief and miss the obvious comfort being sent to them. I am pretty darn sure she is very pleased with herself for being able to communicate and quite proud of you for hearing and seeing her messages to you. Well, to be honest, she is standing behind me telling me to tell you this. She doesn’t suggest much, does she. Quite a lady! I started out writing this to you and soon realized I was not alone. She is kind of giggling now. Sweet dreams, dear Kim.
    The circle is complete.
    With love,
    Barbara Elizabeth

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