August 22, 2016



You would think that those I live with would have an appreciation for what I do. Now don’t get me wrong. My family loves me and they smile and nod their heads when I talk about the angels, the universe providing and the law of attraction.

I have proven over and over the power of our thoughts and how not to get caught up in the details but stick with the “energy” of focusing on what you want.

Here is my list. I have manifested two (yes you heard me) free vans for my family, countless lost items, and a fabulous new job for myself upon retiring. (I said I would get a job that pays well for me being fabulous and that is what I got)

My daughter is a professional dancer. There were many who said “starving artists don’t work and cannot make a living” and I just told her “make it work, and do what you love”.

Dana has worked several free-lance jobs along with dancing and it has all worked out wonderfully. Lately she has decided she wants more money and more work. We were brainstorming about what she could do and after a frustrating 20 minutes I just said “hand it over to the universe and just let the angels handle it”. She did not like that answer but said “fine” and left the room.

Ten minutes later, she comes in the room and asks me. “Why are you always right?” I smiled and said “mommy magic”? (I had no idea what I was right about but hey as a mom you have to savor these moments and yes I had her put it in writing because it was fun to watch her do it!)



She had just gotten a text about a lucrative free-lance dance gig. How about that?

I can hear you all thinking out loud. Yes sometimes you have to take action with your manifestations. Sometimes you just have to hand it over. It is a delicate balance. Does mommy magic have anything to do with it? Maybe. I want my kids to do what they love and be happy. (I always send that energy out!)


So angel friends. Use your magical powers of thought and intention and just see how it goes!

Have an angel filled day!



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