January 11, 2017

Hello angel friends! Today is an angel number day 1-11 but it also holds a special place in my heart. A year ago today one of my precious yoga students crossed over. Katie was young and wonderful and we just could not figure the whys. I am sure a lot of you out there have had a similar experience when someone crosses too soon.

As you know, I do try and look for the gift. Here is what came out of her early departure.

*I now have emergency contact numbers on all my yoga new student forms. At first we did not know who to contact because Katie was not picking up any calls.

*We had a most beautiful dedication to her during our yoga class which we all were brought closer as a result.

*We dedicated our “yoga cook book” to her and continue to carry on our tradition of our yearly potluck dinner/class.


She has visited so many times. One thing about Katie is she showed up no matter what (that is how we knew something was up when she did not come to class that day). We had one of the biggest storms one year and she and two others showed up to that class. She never missed.

She visited us this past summer when we did an outdoor class by a labyrinth.

This past week she sent a little bug (in the dead of winter) to land on Stacy (who freaks out over any sort of bug), we figured she got a good giggle out of that.

I have also kept her name in the drawing we do every week and you guessed it, we drew her name this week.

So hold your friends close because things can change in an instant.

We love you sweet Katie and miss you so very much.

Keep up your work on the other side and please keep sending those signs.



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