kim wasielewski b competition submit feb 10 2017April 1, 2017


Hello angel friends! Life has been busy as usual and in my day to day stuff sometimes I forget to ask my angels for help (yes even me).

I have been struggling all week with some pretty weird folks crossing my path. Strangers saying nasty things, customers being less than polite at work, and just a general ick energy. I finally asked my angels, why why, why!

As always the angels deliver when you ask. I have had a not so great feeling about someone I know and have just decided I don’t like her. Generally someone who has a lot of negative things to say and I don’t like being around that. But of course, what you focus on continues to come to you! I recently got to meet her parents quite by “accident” and after a short conversation I can see “why”. She was taught this growing up. It made me look at things from a whole different perspective as well as softened my dislike.

The gift here? Looking at everyone and every situation with a little more compassion knowing that everyone has a back story. Learning to not take things so personally because it has nothing to do with me at all. I felt so free when the angels showed me and told me this.

Approach today with compassion and understanding. We all have a back story!

What is your back story? What can you change moving forward? Just some things to think about as well as a reminder that the only rule is, you must ask!

Have an angel filled day my friends!


2 thoughts on “April 1, 2017 EVERYONE HAS A BACK STORY

  1. Great thought provoking blog. Good for you to look at all areas of the issue before deciding on your opinion. I definitely see people’s upbringing as a detriment to their personality and outlook on life. I have actually seen this over and over and I, too, have soften my opinion of their actions based on this knowledge. It also makes me very grateful for the wonderful family I was raised by!


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