coh dec 2016 23I like to think of myself as a positive person. Lately I have been a wee bit “stuck”. I have not been feeling my usual energy, have gained some weight which adds to the “sluggish” and have just had a very “not caring” feeling lately.

The usual things that bring me joy are creating, yoga, teaching, being with family, and hugging my pets. One thing I especially find joy in is singing. I have sung with a jazz band for 23 years now and have found myself dreading performances and rehearsals and even contemplating leaving the band. I am not finding the joy in anything lately.

In a search for it I have really sat in contemplation for weeks now and my angels have been whispering “ask”. I have ignored their guidance big time and was really rocked when a mentor and spiritual leader in the community had announced a total shift in beliefs where it found me questioning everything.

I finally asked my angels (yes I forget sometimes). The unfolding of miracles has been amazing. Now it has not been “harps, hallows and the hallelujah chorus”, just small shifts and signs. I really think the angels were easing me into this because it has been so long and truly I have been in a funk.

I went to band practice last night. The leader gave me a new song, one I really could get excited about. I thought, “ok I can do this”. Practice was actually fun and my fellow band mates were having fun and I could feel the joy in their hearts as well as a growing joy in mine.

I kept trying to eat some sweets. I dropped the same piece of candy on the floor 3 times before I got the hint! (thank you angels)

A friend’s birthday was yesterday so I stepped into my sewing room to make something for her. There was that joy again.

Going to my yoga class where I am a student has increased my joy making me affirm that self-care is part of this. I was even given some extra time today to come home and enjoy the peace.

It’s been little subtle things along the way but I can feel the joy coming back.

Losing my mom last year has been challenging and I now allow myself to grieve and see the joy in my tears. I was lucky enough to have a loving mom who I miss but I can feel her presence.

The joy is making its way back and the biggest gift I have received from this time is knowing I am not alone, being reminded to ask the angels for help always, and allow myself to feel the feelings and go in the direction of joy. As always my angel friends, I wish you joy but I also wish you the patience with yourself if you are not in a joyful place. Taking a baby step in a direction is better than not moving as all.

Have an angel filled day my friends and don’t forget to ask!


angels coh dec






One thought on “April 18, 2017 DO YOU EVER STRUGGLE WITH YOUR JOY?

  1. Having hope is so important, especially when in a funk, as that is when hope seems to hide at all costs. Hope is inside, not a wish and a prayer. Glad you are moving now.


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