September 9, 2017



Do you ever notice re-occurring themes in your life? This has been the month for me having the same story with different people in it.

I started the month out with my teacher/mentor proclaiming that angels, angel readings, and any form of divination that I have been doing for the last fifteen years is evil and not the “way” to heaven. I had to listen a few times to really understand. There was a lot of talk of purgatory and “my way is the only way”. This is the woman who gave me the courage to do the readings out loud when I had stifled my gift most of my life. There was a lot of soul searching and wondering if I was living a path that was ethical and good. I was also questioning myself and my abilities.

After much questioning and yes asking my angels because that is what I do, here is the message that was delivered. “Take back your power; know that you are bringing light to the world. Yes we are here to help you and others. Keep delivering our messages.”

I began to do just that finally realizing that my power comes from me and my higher power and not others. The education and training I received was timely and wonderful and it is the reason I began this path many years go so I am always grateful for my teachers/mentors. The angels also told me that no one has the right to take my power away but I  have to be willing to not let that happen!

In the same week that this all happened my friend Tara had just gone through a class that would prepare her for a new career path. A lot of time and money was invested and upon completion the teacher proclaimed she was not ready for this new path. She was hurt and not sure what to do next. The emotions she went through were almost parallel to the ones I was going through. I knew this was not a coincidence. The angels delivered the same message to her. “Do not let anyone take away your power. You are the only one who can determine if you are ready for this new path”

My friend Tara is going in the direction of her new path right now and doing it well!

So the gift here? When there is a time that you are filled with doubt about yourself, sit with it awhile then take back your power! You are the only one who can determine what is right for you and by letting others define you, you are giving away your power.

More than anything this empowers us even more.

Thanks for listening friends and as always, have an angel filled day!





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