May 22, 2018


Hello angel friends! I know it has been a space of time since I last posted a blog. I have been looking for inspiration and nothing has hit me.

Today that all changed!

Every so often I buy a lottery ticket because truly I would love to be extremely wealthy. Of course I have a method. I always ask for the “winning lottery ticket”. At first the counter person always gives me a look and then they give me a little smile. (Hey at least I am bringing joy)

They guy behind me in line says to me “I have a winner here”. I said to him “ok I am standing close to you to get some of that good mojo!”. I could not help myself but ask how much. He said $500 but then proceeded to tell me that he won $50,000 a few years back.

Always curious I asked him what he spent it on and if it ruined his life like I hear so many stories about.

He replied, “I spent it on memories”.

He took a few vacations; spread some good will by paying for folks groceries while in line at Marcs. Told me his wife died 9 years ago and she wanted him to donate $50.000 to the cancer center that took care of her. He said “see? I got it back”.  And then it hit me!

Law of attraction! He gave out $50,000 and got $50,000 back!

Now I am not saying empty your savings account but I am saying focus on the joy of giving your time, your talent, some spare change. It will come back to you! Pay attention to this and maybe do some experimenting!

I personally have had this happen to me several times this week with $25. I give it out; it comes back from the most unexpected places.

The angels call that repeated signs. So now I slap my forehead and say to myself, Duh!

The gentleman I met today truly had a generous and kind energy about him. And he has won the lottery twice that I know of.

I did tell him I was going to blog about this and he said “hey whatever”.

The angels are telling me the big message here is to give with love and it will all work out.

So there you have it my friends. Inspiration for the week!

Have an angel filled day!




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