This has been a week of many emotions for me. Things are changing and in my normal fashion I dig my heals in, cover my ears and shout LA LA LA LA LA!!!!!

The angels keep reassuring me that the changes will lead to something good and I was not having it. I kept getting sign after sign. I just kept shouting NOPE!

Sleepless nights, worry, stress and still the angels kept saying “it’s going to be ok”.

On my way to work, I look to my right and see an unusual plant growing out of the pavement. I make a mental note to go back and take a look which is what I did the next day.

Camera in hand I park and head toward the plant and sure enough, it is not just any old plant: it’s an Angel Trumpet. I grow these at home and they are not an easy plant to grow in the dirt let alone the pavement!

As I started taking photos the angels whispered in my ear “grow where you are planted”. Yes you guessed it, a light bulb moment for me.

Are the changes still happening? Yes. I feel much better knowing that I am where I am and the angels are with me every step of the way.

I sometimes get a little weary with all those darn “life lessons” but they always end up being little miracles again and again.

So be in the present, grow where you are planted and most of all my friends have an angel filled day!


_8_25_2018_20180825_grow where you are planted_0007-1print



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