May 19, 2016
Greetings angel friends. Lately I have been asking for a ton of guidance! And you all know the rule, “all you have to do is ask”. My angels never fail me (ever).

During my ride this morning I noticed some army folk standing at the end of the trail. I looked to my left and there were runners all with the same army outfit on. Each runner was individually shouting out “I can do this”! I watched for a few minutes and started clapping and cheering them on! They were waving and accepting the help.

I cannot begin to tell you how good this felt. (and I almost did not do this thinking it would feel silly ) I even started tearing up. Then it occurred to me. I was given a gift today. At the exact moment I pulled up and unloaded my bike I was able to stand and encourage folks I had never met. My heart swelled with so much love it is difficult to describe.

The angels told me the more I ask the more the gifts will come. So who in your life needs encouragement? Have you been moved to encourage someone you consider a stranger? That is also a gift. Take the risk and offer up that bit of support. Listen to your angels and do it!

Today take a moment to look for and ask for opportunities. I guarantee they will come. I cannot wait to hear about your adventures! Your heart will be filled with joy.

Take a moment today and just ask for that gift. You won’t be sorry!

Have an angel filled day my friends.




May 15, 2016


This has been a weekend for dis harmony. This morning was no exception. My relationships lately have been filled with disagreement and negativity. Yesterday I relapsed into some behavior I learned as a child and spent the evening beating myself up about that.

Feeling myself sinking into a hole I head out for a bike ride to clear my head and get some answers praying the whole way. As I pull into the park I see my message from the angels. Yes they do like to deliver right away you know!\


As I looked at this license plate the girl owning the car came up to me after her run. She told me her story of running and how the angels have helped her many times.

I strapped on my helmet and away I rode. The angels started chattering as they always do because I was finally open to hearing their message.

They told me it is ok to have feelings. It is ok to be a work in progress because then we are always in motion.

When I got home I looked up the definition of “aspire”.

This made perfect sense.



verb: aspire; 3rd person present: aspires; past tense: aspired; past participle: aspired; gerund or present participle: aspiring

  1. direct one’s hopes or ambitions toward achieving something.

So what do you “aspire” to do, be, have? Something to ponder. I aspire to be a human in process and I aspire to forgive myself when I stumble and make mistakes. Be kind to yourself and aspire to be in the present and be human.


And as always “don’t forget to ask”. They really do answer!

Have an angel filled day my friends!



Angels at Taco Bell??

As I have often told you, angels are everywhere and so are gifts. Sometimes we get caught up in “life” as I have been lately. Mostly I have been just plugging along with the usual duties I have along with some extra that life has handed me. I am not into complaining and really try and give myself a pep talk now and again that all is well and to look for the gift.

So I kept asking, “ok angels where is this Gift?” and “I could really use a break here”.   SILENCE!

So basically on with my day and every Monday before yoga I have gotten into the habit of stopping by Taco Bell in North Royalton for coffee. I know what you are thinking. Yuck! Let me tell you it is really good coffee! (yes I am a coffe-aholic , hey it’s my only vice!)

Every Monday over time I am cheerfully greeted by Justin who either has a camera or looks out the window because he always gives me this personal “hello” knowing it is me again. We always joke about the “only” cream that is available (which is also really good) and gives me a “stir knife” because taco bell has not given him stir sticks yet.

Last Monday I found myself smiling and feeling uplifted as I drove across the street to teach and it occurred to me that is how I feel every time I pull out after getting my coffee.

My gift over these last few weeks has been Justin consistently and with great joy serving up my coffee! (did I mention how good it is?) Really the coffee might not even be good but this young man has chosen to put Joy into my experience (and my coffee) every time.

I even drove through a second time the other day asking to take his picture and telling him that I need to blog about this experience! He was ok with it


So the gift? Finding a gift where I least expected it along with an earth angel who probably is touching others’ lives as well. The other gift? You might be one of these folks who is making a difference and not even know it! Something to ponder.

If you are ever in North Royalton OH in the morning, drive through and treat yourself to a coffee as well as a visit with Justin the earth angel!

You will be glad you did. Have an angel filled day my friends!


Happy Valentine’s Day!Give your inner child a treat!!!

Give your inner child a treat!!!

February 14, 2016


Hello angel friends! Here in the Midwest we have had unseasonably warm weather but finally got hit with the Cleveland winter we all know and love! So of course when you are sent snow what do ya do??? Make a snow angel of course!

I did mine this morning, then walked my labyrinth, made a heart in the snow for valentine’s day then my snow angel…..yes it was really cold but I can’t help but feel like a kid when I fall back in that snow and make my snow angel.


So that is your assignment for today! Your inner child will love it!

Have a happy V day!


The gift of music! (a total surprise for me!)

August 25, 2015

It always seems I do my best thinking on my bike and today was no different. I thought I would switch it up and play my “race list” on this ride. (Don’t worry I only put one ear bud in)

I have not run or raced in almost 2 years now and I do really miss it. A knee injury moved me into cycling which I am every so grateful for. The last two years have been me attending races with my family and being the photographer which is sometimes a little sad for me.

Listening to my “race list” really brought back memories of my running and racing days and at first I was really sad listening to these songs but then I really started to “listen”. These are really good songs! Really motivational!

My mood started to lift and I was reminded to look for the gift. I am still healthy and now cycling. I was able to volunteer at a race this past weekend as the cyclist who “sweeps” the trail during the race. I have made some really good friends through cycling.

So today’s gift was subtle but powerful and I am in gratitude right now!

So I thought I would share my race list. My motivation during races and also for life and cycling! Have an angel filled day folks!

I Gotta Feeling (Synth Remix)             

Run the World   Beyoncé                               

I’ve Got The Power   Karen Drucker 

How Could Anyone Ever Tell You       Karen Drucker 

Don’t Stop Believin’ (Glee Cast Version)              

Defying Gravity (Glee Cast Version)            

Celebration        Jump5      

Step One             Kinky Boots Original Broadway Cast Recording

Defying Gravity (Eurodance Mix) (Wicked)                  

Footloose (Dance Remix) (Footloose)         

Soldier Of Love           Donny Osmond (what can I say? What is a race without Donny?)

You F**kn Did It (Live)     Jason Mraz       

Carmina Burana Fortuna                                                  9

Carry On (iTunes Session)            Fun

Rockstar             A Great Big World    

Not Afraid                    Eminem    (explicit lyrics but gosh this song jams!)


ALWAYS LOOK FOR YOUR GIFTS! (in other words what gifts do you have to offer?)

July 30, 2015


(in other words what gifts do you have to offer?)

I always have an event every July called Christmas in July! (sound familiar?) I first started doing this a few years back when the economy was not so great and I had a lot of folks tell me that they could not afford an angel reading. My angels guided me to be creative and think of a way to offer angel readings for no money.

Christmas in July was born! Basically I offered readings for “barter” and really encouraged folks to think outside of the box because everyone has a gift to offer! Over the years I have received: apples from their tree, a picture frame, movie passes, handmade gifts, flowers and vegetables from the garden. This year was amazing with the creativity and the lovely cards and notes.

the amazing "gifts" I received this year!
the amazing “gifts” I received this year!

This year’s challenge was I did not have a “physical space” since I closed my studio. I chose the local park by the library and it was great. We had a few snafoos with the police arriving due to a local man yelling and scaring folks while he passed through. (We found out he is a mentally challenged veteran who does yell as he passes through and is harmless.)

Rain suddenly pouring down and it was hotter than blazes! All in all a fun day!

The gifts of that day?

  1. Lovely creative gifts from some really awesome folks.
  2. An appreciation for our veterans and a new awareness for the struggles this one particular gentleman has.
  3. An opportunity to give an angel reading to a local officer and thank him for his service.
  4. Understanding angel folks who were patient with my schedule being way off!
  5. Peace with continuing the tradition of Christmas in July even with great changes this year!

I am always reminded by my angels to roll with whatever comes my way and I am so grateful for that! Please remember that we all have something to offer even if it is just a prayer for someone! Here is to an excellent angel filled day for you all and don’t forget “always look for the gift”.



July 25, 2015

Hello angel friends! Today is a very special day in our family’s history. Three years ago our house burned down. We call it our “fire-versary”.

The day started like any other. Summer is a time of lesson planning for my studio and that is what I had been doing. The day was rolling along with hubby at work, my daughter hanging out and I had just walked my son down the driveway with his friend as they were leaving to go to a skate park. I was getting ready for my annual CHRISTAMS IN JULY event at the studio and said to my daughter “if you did the dishes I wouldn’t cry”. She started doing dishes and I was in the other room prepping for my event. About 5 minutes later I heard her scream “oh my God the garage is on fire”. I really thought I heard wrong, went to the window and one whole wall was engulfed.

I threw her the car keys and said get the van out then stay on the front lawn (I hear that was pretty dumb but all I could think was I just filled the tank and I did not want to see what 22 gallons of burning gasoline looked like).

I called 911 and got the carriers and went to find the three cats. I will say about 10 minutes had passed and as you pet owners know, getting a cat in a carrier on a good day is challenging, they were nowhere to be found.(it was about 3:30pm at that point)

I looked out the back window and the whole garage was up in flames.

My thought was, ok I can live without a garage but if I die that is not good. I grabbed my purse (good thinking!) and ran out the front.

First on scene was a police officer, he got out of the car and stood with us and watched the garage burn. (Dana says that he was checking around but at this point I think I was “out of body”)

It seemed like forever for the fire trucks to arrive but once again my perception was not the best. I only remember calling my husband and my son but magically folks started showing up.

I was amazed at the contractors who were in my face the whole time handing me their cards for rebuilding my house. I keep blankly looking at them and just took the card. (Weird)

Neighbors, friends, my brother and then more fire trucks. Someone brought a cage for the cats, a cooler for water bottles, and various other helpful items to help us out while this was happening. My thoughts at this time were “why aren’t they running with the hoses, they should hurry”

We started seeing the black smoke coming out of the front door and knew the house had caught fire.

The rest is a blur. My insurance lady was there. I swear the news choppers were there before the fire trucks and it really was like moving in a dreamlike state with things going slow motion around you.

Things had wrapped up about 11pm where we went with the first on scene disaster team (they board up the windows and stuff) to Walmart for essentials and then to the hotel to process and be in a state of shock for the moment.

We did rebuild and lost everything including one of our cats which was the worst part. One of the other cats had to be sent to a special pet hospital that totaled $4000 when we were done. Hobbes is alive and well and I would do it all over again! We thought we had lost our third cat and assumed he did not make it when we could not find him. Three days later the fire inspectors found him under the bed alive and well! What a miracle!

We also solved the mystery of how did the house catch fire (garage is not attached). My neighbors saw it from the back and told us the huge tree caught then a burning branch fell on the house.

You may wonder, what the heck does this have to do with angels and looking for a gift? I am going to tell you of course.

When we were in the hotel and going to bed I looked at my husband and said “this is small potatoes compared to what we have been through”. We had been through a family tragedy in 2011 that really made this look small. We talked awhile and we both agreed that we would allow ourselves the grief of loss but would move forward and “look for the gift”

Things we learned along the way:

The more fire trucks that show up the bigger the fire (we had 4 cities come)

What is not burnt is smoke or water damaged.

Things are just things and though it is sad to lose family treasures lives are way more important.

Even though you have insurance the fire will cost extra. We have excellent insurance along with a wonderful insurance lady who held our hand the whole way but there were still out of pocket expenses that were not covered as a result of re building.

What to do if someone you know is hit with this tragedy:

Do not say “well at least you get a new house out of it”

Just say “I am so sorry for your loss, is there anything I can do”

When you ask the victims out to dinner or over for dinner know that at the beginning there is zero time. (you will probably be turned down) Things move so fast and decisions are made at a high speed and there is a learning curve and it is so overwhelming that being in a social situation is more than one can handle.

If you need to do “something” gift cards are best. Yes we had excellent insurance but some do not and there is expense along the way.

The gifts we received from this event?

For me the biggest was learning to receive. I really had an issue with this at first and my angels kept saying “allow yourself to receive”.

Knowing that people are good at heart and when the poop hits the fan they will be there.

Growing our sense of humor with rebuilding (we say that rebuilding a house is like running an adult day care!)

Insurance is something you never want to use but having good insurance along with a great agent is a precious gift.

We do have a new house and really I do miss my olive countertops (not) but it took about two years to really feel like it was home.

I would not recommend this but heck we de cluttered in one day! In other words, we did not replace every single thing and the house does have less “stuff” now.

I now have an e cookbook compiled from friends when I lost all my cookbooks in the fire. It was really fun putting it together and what a great gift!

Most of all it really puts things in perspective, like anyone I stress over stuff but after this our family saying is “did the house burn down?” if not we can handle whatever!

So my angel friends, please always look for the gift in any situation. Sometimes it hides but you can find it if you open your heart and ask the angels for help!

Have an angel filled day everyone!

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Our miracle cat! A8PaALZCMAAa8Po[1] IMG_0008 Our $4000 cat!

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