August 22, 2016



You would think that those I live with would have an appreciation for what I do. Now don’t get me wrong. My family loves me and they smile and nod their heads when I talk about the angels, the universe providing and the law of attraction.

I have proven over and over the power of our thoughts and how not to get caught up in the details but stick with the “energy” of focusing on what you want.

Here is my list. I have manifested two (yes you heard me) free vans for my family, countless lost items, and a fabulous new job for myself upon retiring. (I said I would get a job that pays well for me being fabulous and that is what I got)

My daughter is a professional dancer. There were many who said “starving artists don’t work and cannot make a living” and I just told her “make it work, and do what you love”.

Dana has worked several free-lance jobs along with dancing and it has all worked out wonderfully. Lately she has decided she wants more money and more work. We were brainstorming about what she could do and after a frustrating 20 minutes I just said “hand it over to the universe and just let the angels handle it”. She did not like that answer but said “fine” and left the room.

Ten minutes later, she comes in the room and asks me. “Why are you always right?” I smiled and said “mommy magic”? (I had no idea what I was right about but hey as a mom you have to savor these moments and yes I had her put it in writing because it was fun to watch her do it!)



She had just gotten a text about a lucrative free-lance dance gig. How about that?

I can hear you all thinking out loud. Yes sometimes you have to take action with your manifestations. Sometimes you just have to hand it over. It is a delicate balance. Does mommy magic have anything to do with it? Maybe. I want my kids to do what they love and be happy. (I always send that energy out!)


So angel friends. Use your magical powers of thought and intention and just see how it goes!

Have an angel filled day!




August 13, 2016


If you could plan a last day here on earth, what would you plan? Would you eat cheesecake? Take a walk? Hop a plane? I do believe we know and plan our last day if not consciously then unconsciously.


Today we said goodbye to my mother. Everyone loses a parent at a time in their life and this is my first. We have had a sad week filled with a whirlwind of planning her send off.

As you know I “always look for the gift” and this experience was no different and I didn’t even have to look. The gifts just kept coming.

My mom had been in the hospital last week and had just gotten out. She was recovering and still not feeling well but finally on Tuesday she felt well enough to go out. My mom and Dad went to their favorite place for lunch, then went for frozen margueritas (she liked to have one once a year and this was her day!). She collapsed right after in the parking lot.

We were able to be there when she transitioned. The whole family (all the grandkids in town too) was there holding hands around her and I was so honored to be a part of this. In a very short time, her breath slowed and she was gone. I was able to see her leave her body and who was there to greet her. What a gift.

The gift in this time of loss?

The grief was still there and still is but she kept showing me signs.

After we said goodbye I look down at the odometer on my car (angel numbers)

2016-08-10 11.14.38

Coming out of a store I look down and there it was, a feather in the parking lot.

2016-08-12 09.51.57

We went to the county fair and as we entered my husband points to a sign on a building at the entrance.(her name is Joyce!)

2016-08-12 12.09.45

She visited me in dreams being her usual jovial self.

I could feel her presence over and over.

Knowing her last day was one she would have planned out herself.

Knowing she is at peace and in perfect health and is pure positive energy also brings me comfort.

Knowing she was greeted in the light by both sets of grandparents and all her past pets was so very awesome.

Seeing her grave lot is right next to a huge angel sculpture! How cool is that?

This is not the end so I say to my sweet mother “I will not say goodbye but will say I will see you on the other side. Until then I love you with all my heart Moo Moo”





July 25, 2016


Today is our fire-versary. Four years ago our house burnt down. I still cannot believe it has been that long. I still have panic attacks sometimes when I flash back to that day. That evening when we dragged ourselves to the holiday Inn my husband and I looked at each other and made a pact. We said almost at the same time “we can only move forward”.

Every year we “celebrate” our blessings on this day. We are grateful that no one was hurt, sad that we lost our beloved Fiyero but mostly grateful of all the gifts that came out of the experience.

Along the way many people came forward to help and many were friends we had not talked to for years. I personally learned to “receive” which was something I was not very good at. That was a huge lesson for me. We even got a small giggle that day. Standing in front of our smoldering house and deciding where to go from there with the help of the restoration folks, my son’s friend Schyler drives by and shouts out the window “Miss Kim what happened?” I look at him in disbelief and hold my arms out and look at the house like “really? you can’t figure this one out?” Then I laughed.

Does every year get a little easier? Yes. Do I still think back to the day and wonder if I could have done things differently? Yes. But once again “we can only move forward”.

So angel friends, the only thing we can do is “move forward” because I don’t know about you but my time machine is on the blink at this moment! Count your blessings. Send gratitude to the universe even if you are having the worst day ever. Decide to “move forward” because all we have is the present and using our thoughts and emotions in the now to move forward.

Have an angel filled day!





If you are living on a remote island with no media I will let you know our news! We here in Cleveland Ohio are so proud that our Cleveland Cavaliers are the 2016 NBA Championship winners!

Now I will say that I am not a sports fan. I am proud to even have the knowledge that the Cavaliers are a basketball team. I have been educated by my awesome boss on the team and have been caught up in my boss’s excitement as well as the whole city.

So how does this relate to the angels? (Everything does!) I pull angel cards every morning and pulled one from a deck that is not an “angel deck” but a deck by Pam Grout The Oracle of E: An Oracle Card Deck to Manifest Your Dreams Cards. Here is the card I kept pulling.

2016-05-25 06.16.03

Now for you folks not from Cleveland this has been our theme since the season began. So last night the championship became ours in an exciting game after a 52 year draught.


Everyone was crying and cheering. My whole neighborhood came out and cheered, rang bells and ignited fireworks.

Even a not so knowledgeable sports fan like me got excited!

Did the angels have anything to do with it? My feeling is yes! I really feel like they have a sense of humor too saying to me “have faith we are All In”.


This is all about energy and intentions. I think the team knew it was possible and the faith and energy of the fans helped them along their way. We are now calling Cleveland “Believe-land”.

So there you have it. I do think there are basketball angels.

We will be riding this energy for some time now here in Cleveland so I say to you that your angels are always “all in”.


Have an angel filled day my friends!





May 19, 2016
Greetings angel friends. Lately I have been asking for a ton of guidance! And you all know the rule, “all you have to do is ask”. My angels never fail me (ever).

During my ride this morning I noticed some army folk standing at the end of the trail. I looked to my left and there were runners all with the same army outfit on. Each runner was individually shouting out “I can do this”! I watched for a few minutes and started clapping and cheering them on! They were waving and accepting the help.

I cannot begin to tell you how good this felt. (and I almost did not do this thinking it would feel silly ) I even started tearing up. Then it occurred to me. I was given a gift today. At the exact moment I pulled up and unloaded my bike I was able to stand and encourage folks I had never met. My heart swelled with so much love it is difficult to describe.

The angels told me the more I ask the more the gifts will come. So who in your life needs encouragement? Have you been moved to encourage someone you consider a stranger? That is also a gift. Take the risk and offer up that bit of support. Listen to your angels and do it!

Today take a moment to look for and ask for opportunities. I guarantee they will come. I cannot wait to hear about your adventures! Your heart will be filled with joy.

Take a moment today and just ask for that gift. You won’t be sorry!

Have an angel filled day my friends.




May 15, 2016


This has been a weekend for dis harmony. This morning was no exception. My relationships lately have been filled with disagreement and negativity. Yesterday I relapsed into some behavior I learned as a child and spent the evening beating myself up about that.

Feeling myself sinking into a hole I head out for a bike ride to clear my head and get some answers praying the whole way. As I pull into the park I see my message from the angels. Yes they do like to deliver right away you know!\


As I looked at this license plate the girl owning the car came up to me after her run. She told me her story of running and how the angels have helped her many times.

I strapped on my helmet and away I rode. The angels started chattering as they always do because I was finally open to hearing their message.

They told me it is ok to have feelings. It is ok to be a work in progress because then we are always in motion.

When I got home I looked up the definition of “aspire”.

This made perfect sense.



verb: aspire; 3rd person present: aspires; past tense: aspired; past participle: aspired; gerund or present participle: aspiring

  1. direct one’s hopes or ambitions toward achieving something.

So what do you “aspire” to do, be, have? Something to ponder. I aspire to be a human in process and I aspire to forgive myself when I stumble and make mistakes. Be kind to yourself and aspire to be in the present and be human.


And as always “don’t forget to ask”. They really do answer!

Have an angel filled day my friends!



Angels at Taco Bell??

As I have often told you, angels are everywhere and so are gifts. Sometimes we get caught up in “life” as I have been lately. Mostly I have been just plugging along with the usual duties I have along with some extra that life has handed me. I am not into complaining and really try and give myself a pep talk now and again that all is well and to look for the gift.

So I kept asking, “ok angels where is this Gift?” and “I could really use a break here”.   SILENCE!

So basically on with my day and every Monday before yoga I have gotten into the habit of stopping by Taco Bell in North Royalton for coffee. I know what you are thinking. Yuck! Let me tell you it is really good coffee! (yes I am a coffe-aholic , hey it’s my only vice!)

Every Monday over time I am cheerfully greeted by Justin who either has a camera or looks out the window because he always gives me this personal “hello” knowing it is me again. We always joke about the “only” cream that is available (which is also really good) and gives me a “stir knife” because taco bell has not given him stir sticks yet.

Last Monday I found myself smiling and feeling uplifted as I drove across the street to teach and it occurred to me that is how I feel every time I pull out after getting my coffee.

My gift over these last few weeks has been Justin consistently and with great joy serving up my coffee! (did I mention how good it is?) Really the coffee might not even be good but this young man has chosen to put Joy into my experience (and my coffee) every time.

I even drove through a second time the other day asking to take his picture and telling him that I need to blog about this experience! He was ok with it


So the gift? Finding a gift where I least expected it along with an earth angel who probably is touching others’ lives as well. The other gift? You might be one of these folks who is making a difference and not even know it! Something to ponder.

If you are ever in North Royalton OH in the morning, drive through and treat yourself to a coffee as well as a visit with Justin the earth angel!

You will be glad you did. Have an angel filled day my friends!