July 25, 2016


Today is our fire-versary. Four years ago our house burnt down. I still cannot believe it has been that long. I still have panic attacks sometimes when I flash back to that day. That evening when we dragged ourselves to the holiday Inn my husband and I looked at each other and made a pact. We said almost at the same time “we can only move forward”.

Every year we “celebrate” our blessings on this day. We are grateful that no one was hurt, sad that we lost our beloved Fiyero but mostly grateful of all the gifts that came out of the experience.

Along the way many people came forward to help and many were friends we had not talked to for years. I personally learned to “receive” which was something I was not very good at. That was a huge lesson for me. We even got a small giggle that day. Standing in front of our smoldering house and deciding where to go from there with the help of the restoration folks, my son’s friend Schyler drives by and shouts out the window “Miss Kim what happened?” I look at him in disbelief and hold my arms out and look at the house like “really? you can’t figure this one out?” Then I laughed.

Does every year get a little easier? Yes. Do I still think back to the day and wonder if I could have done things differently? Yes. But once again “we can only move forward”.

So angel friends, the only thing we can do is “move forward” because I don’t know about you but my time machine is on the blink at this moment! Count your blessings. Send gratitude to the universe even if you are having the worst day ever. Decide to “move forward” because all we have is the present and using our thoughts and emotions in the now to move forward.

Have an angel filled day!






  1. So glad for your friendship & yoga! Love reading your blog! You are a blessing in my life. Thank you my Angel Kim for all you have taught & shared with me! Grateful for all the positive you have put in my life.


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