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April 19, 2019



Hello angel friends! I have not posted in a while, many changes and shifts going on in my life and have just not been inspired. As you know, when we are not inspired the universe usually sends us something to give us perspective! Today was no exception.

Today is the full moon and I am preparing to release a person from my life. It has been an almost 4-year road and the decision to stop trying so hard and let this person go and move forward in my own life has been a challenging one.  I have felt the weight of this for a while.

Today I had to go pick up my ham at Honey Baked. (What the heck does this have to do with releasing?! Glad you asked)

I got there when they opened and if any of you have had this experience; it is a long wait in the rain with a ton of people and a few crazy drivers in the parking lot.  As soon as I got in line the folks around me started talking and trading ham stories. I waited for 1 ½ hours and the party just kept on going. Folks were sharing coupons, sharing Easter stories and recipes (and I will try adding a ½ cup of split peas to my ham soup this year). Every time the line moved I was in contact with a few new people and yes the party kept on going. It lightened my heart and gave me hope and confidence in my fellow humans that I am taking this journey with.

When I finally got my ham I turned to the crowd and said “Bye everyone! Have a happy Easter and a great day!” They all waved back with shouts and greetings. That was the best long wait I have ever had. I get in the car and thank Marcus the precious pup for being so patient. My heart was filled with joy as I release on this full moon with a holiday of rebirth coming up! (and yes I was asking all week for some sort of guidance from my angels)

I wish you all a joyous holiday and hoping you will celebrate the full moon tonight. The energy will be amazing!

Always remember to look for the gift (even in line at Honey Baked Ham) and have an angel filled day my friends!



Have Faith and Hand it Over!

_DSC9471January 1, 2019

Have Faith and Hand it Over!

Happy New Year Angel Friends! Let’s just take a survey. Who is so very glad to see 2018 go? I am raising my hand right now. I have been through worse believe me but 2018 had its challenges of sadness for me. I was steeped in worry for months and it took its toll.


I have a process when I am going through “the mudd” and this year was no different in helping me to grow and learn and apply what I know and talk about.

In one of my “lay in bed” and worry moments (ok it was hours) my angels were tapping on my forehead and whispering to me “we got this, hand it over”. Being the control freak that I am I resisted of course.  Finally exhausted I put my hands up and said “ok here ya go”.   I had days of miracles happen! And yes my head angel Abigail just rolled her eyes and shook her head.

The last day of the year I decided to do some “self-care”. Took a yoga class taught by a dear friend and went out for coffee. Explored Tremont while I was there. It was one of the most refreshing days I have had in a long time. My angels once again were just shaking their heads because they have been urging me to do this for awhile.

The lesson here? Release and surrender my friends. Of course do all you can here on the earth plain but the angels really do have our backs. I am working on being more present and partnering with my angels more instead of trying to fix every little thing.

I send you bright blessings for the New Year my friends. And don’t forget to “ask”

Have an angel filled day!




This has been a week of many emotions for me. Things are changing and in my normal fashion I dig my heals in, cover my ears and shout LA LA LA LA LA!!!!!

The angels keep reassuring me that the changes will lead to something good and I was not having it. I kept getting sign after sign. I just kept shouting NOPE!

Sleepless nights, worry, stress and still the angels kept saying “it’s going to be ok”.

On my way to work, I look to my right and see an unusual plant growing out of the pavement. I make a mental note to go back and take a look which is what I did the next day.

Camera in hand I park and head toward the plant and sure enough, it is not just any old plant: it’s an Angel Trumpet. I grow these at home and they are not an easy plant to grow in the dirt let alone the pavement!

As I started taking photos the angels whispered in my ear “grow where you are planted”. Yes you guessed it, a light bulb moment for me.

Are the changes still happening? Yes. I feel much better knowing that I am where I am and the angels are with me every step of the way.

I sometimes get a little weary with all those darn “life lessons” but they always end up being little miracles again and again.

So be in the present, grow where you are planted and most of all my friends have an angel filled day!


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May 22, 2018


Hello angel friends! I know it has been a space of time since I last posted a blog. I have been looking for inspiration and nothing has hit me.

Today that all changed!

Every so often I buy a lottery ticket because truly I would love to be extremely wealthy. Of course I have a method. I always ask for the “winning lottery ticket”. At first the counter person always gives me a look and then they give me a little smile. (Hey at least I am bringing joy)

They guy behind me in line says to me “I have a winner here”. I said to him “ok I am standing close to you to get some of that good mojo!”. I could not help myself but ask how much. He said $500 but then proceeded to tell me that he won $50,000 a few years back.

Always curious I asked him what he spent it on and if it ruined his life like I hear so many stories about.

He replied, “I spent it on memories”.

He took a few vacations; spread some good will by paying for folks groceries while in line at Marcs. Told me his wife died 9 years ago and she wanted him to donate $50.000 to the cancer center that took care of her. He said “see? I got it back”.  And then it hit me!

Law of attraction! He gave out $50,000 and got $50,000 back!

Now I am not saying empty your savings account but I am saying focus on the joy of giving your time, your talent, some spare change. It will come back to you! Pay attention to this and maybe do some experimenting!

I personally have had this happen to me several times this week with $25. I give it out; it comes back from the most unexpected places.

The angels call that repeated signs. So now I slap my forehead and say to myself, Duh!

The gentleman I met today truly had a generous and kind energy about him. And he has won the lottery twice that I know of.

I did tell him I was going to blog about this and he said “hey whatever”.

The angels are telling me the big message here is to give with love and it will all work out.

So there you have it my friends. Inspiration for the week!

Have an angel filled day!




September 9, 2017



Do you ever notice re-occurring themes in your life? This has been the month for me having the same story with different people in it.

I started the month out with my teacher/mentor proclaiming that angels, angel readings, and any form of divination that I have been doing for the last fifteen years is evil and not the “way” to heaven. I had to listen a few times to really understand. There was a lot of talk of purgatory and “my way is the only way”. This is the woman who gave me the courage to do the readings out loud when I had stifled my gift most of my life. There was a lot of soul searching and wondering if I was living a path that was ethical and good. I was also questioning myself and my abilities.

After much questioning and yes asking my angels because that is what I do, here is the message that was delivered. “Take back your power; know that you are bringing light to the world. Yes we are here to help you and others. Keep delivering our messages.”

I began to do just that finally realizing that my power comes from me and my higher power and not others. The education and training I received was timely and wonderful and it is the reason I began this path many years go so I am always grateful for my teachers/mentors. The angels also told me that no one has the right to take my power away but I  have to be willing to not let that happen!

In the same week that this all happened my friend Tara had just gone through a class that would prepare her for a new career path. A lot of time and money was invested and upon completion the teacher proclaimed she was not ready for this new path. She was hurt and not sure what to do next. The emotions she went through were almost parallel to the ones I was going through. I knew this was not a coincidence. The angels delivered the same message to her. “Do not let anyone take away your power. You are the only one who can determine if you are ready for this new path”

My friend Tara is going in the direction of her new path right now and doing it well!

So the gift here? When there is a time that you are filled with doubt about yourself, sit with it awhile then take back your power! You are the only one who can determine what is right for you and by letting others define you, you are giving away your power.

More than anything this empowers us even more.

Thanks for listening friends and as always, have an angel filled day!





coh dec 2016 23I like to think of myself as a positive person. Lately I have been a wee bit “stuck”. I have not been feeling my usual energy, have gained some weight which adds to the “sluggish” and have just had a very “not caring” feeling lately.

The usual things that bring me joy are creating, yoga, teaching, being with family, and hugging my pets. One thing I especially find joy in is singing. I have sung with a jazz band for 23 years now and have found myself dreading performances and rehearsals and even contemplating leaving the band. I am not finding the joy in anything lately.

In a search for it I have really sat in contemplation for weeks now and my angels have been whispering “ask”. I have ignored their guidance big time and was really rocked when a mentor and spiritual leader in the community had announced a total shift in beliefs where it found me questioning everything.

I finally asked my angels (yes I forget sometimes). The unfolding of miracles has been amazing. Now it has not been “harps, hallows and the hallelujah chorus”, just small shifts and signs. I really think the angels were easing me into this because it has been so long and truly I have been in a funk.

I went to band practice last night. The leader gave me a new song, one I really could get excited about. I thought, “ok I can do this”. Practice was actually fun and my fellow band mates were having fun and I could feel the joy in their hearts as well as a growing joy in mine.

I kept trying to eat some sweets. I dropped the same piece of candy on the floor 3 times before I got the hint! (thank you angels)

A friend’s birthday was yesterday so I stepped into my sewing room to make something for her. There was that joy again.

Going to my yoga class where I am a student has increased my joy making me affirm that self-care is part of this. I was even given some extra time today to come home and enjoy the peace.

It’s been little subtle things along the way but I can feel the joy coming back.

Losing my mom last year has been challenging and I now allow myself to grieve and see the joy in my tears. I was lucky enough to have a loving mom who I miss but I can feel her presence.

The joy is making its way back and the biggest gift I have received from this time is knowing I am not alone, being reminded to ask the angels for help always, and allow myself to feel the feelings and go in the direction of joy. As always my angel friends, I wish you joy but I also wish you the patience with yourself if you are not in a joyful place. Taking a baby step in a direction is better than not moving as all.

Have an angel filled day my friends and don’t forget to ask!


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kim wasielewski b competition submit feb 10 2017April 1, 2017


Hello angel friends! Life has been busy as usual and in my day to day stuff sometimes I forget to ask my angels for help (yes even me).

I have been struggling all week with some pretty weird folks crossing my path. Strangers saying nasty things, customers being less than polite at work, and just a general ick energy. I finally asked my angels, why why, why!

As always the angels deliver when you ask. I have had a not so great feeling about someone I know and have just decided I don’t like her. Generally someone who has a lot of negative things to say and I don’t like being around that. But of course, what you focus on continues to come to you! I recently got to meet her parents quite by “accident” and after a short conversation I can see “why”. She was taught this growing up. It made me look at things from a whole different perspective as well as softened my dislike.

The gift here? Looking at everyone and every situation with a little more compassion knowing that everyone has a back story. Learning to not take things so personally because it has nothing to do with me at all. I felt so free when the angels showed me and told me this.

Approach today with compassion and understanding. We all have a back story!

What is your back story? What can you change moving forward? Just some things to think about as well as a reminder that the only rule is, you must ask!

Have an angel filled day my friends!